|'ve long been a fan of the first version of the wireless mac keyboard, but recently I've started to get more annoyed with the whole experience of owning a magic keyboard. So I bought two mechanical keyboards one for work, the KUL ES-87, which is a TKL keyboard. But for my home setup I wanted a small keyboard. I ended up buying a Vortex Core on a chance.

After two days with this keyboard I must say I'm pretty impressed, this is apparently the first and only massproduced 40% keyboard.

Since it's so small you have to use layers to access all the keys you need. A layer is just as you might use Shift+2 to write a @. A special thing with the vortex core though is that you have a total of four layers out of which three are programmable.

Currently I'm just using the stock layout and layers and it works perfectly fine. It feels like most of the keys are reasonably layed out, and as I'm writing now I'm getting more and more comfortable with the layout. Sure it takes some getting used to, but not at all as much as I would've thought.


You can enable the right sides r_menu, r_alt, r_shift and r_ctrl buttons to act as arrow keys, to enable this press r_win+r_alt+r_space
to toggle the arrow mode. This took me forever to figure out, since I thought you should have the r_win+r_alt+r_space pressed while using the arrow keys, which would make more sense to me.